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Secure Academic Record Paper

Academic records are one of the most important documents to come from your accredited institution - don't let them fall into the wrong hands. Protected Paper utilizes it's suite of patented anti-counterfeiting technologies to secure your academic record. When this paper is copied or scanned, hidden images such as VOID and UNAUTHORIZED COPY appear, rendering the duplication useless.

Protected Paper has the capability to provide your institution with a 100% customized secure academic record solution. Our team is trained to use this technology in a way that lets your school's image shine through, while quietly protecting your student's hard earned credits.

As we are a large advocate against counterfeiting, in order to process any of order of academic record paper, we must first validate your association within an institution.
Custom Secure Transcripts
Custom Secure Transcripts
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Never worry about fraudulent transcripts again with Protected Paper's Secure Transcript Paper more info
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Academic Record Security Paper (500 Sheets)
Our Price: $67.00

Security paper for academic records with features for authentication and features that make it so the paper can't be copied or altered easily. more info
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