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No-Copy Coupons
Coupons are one of the most popular targets for counterfeits - secure your coupons with Protected Paper's patented technology. Your coupon program deserves currency grade security printing and we are just the ones to give it to you. We layer our authentication and no-copy technology into a fully printed, full color secure print coupon or as custom paper templates for finishing at your own facility.

We'll work with you from beginning to end to design the security features to meet your program's exact needs.
Custom Secure Coupon
Custom Secure Coupon
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Protected Paper's secure, customized, coupons combine layers of authentication features and copy deterrence to create a coupon that can't copy, and can provide a way to authenticate an original - protecting them from even professional counterfeiters. 
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DeterX Copy-Warning Security Paper
DeterX 8.5" X 11" Security Paper (500 Sheets)
Price: $29.50

US Letter Size Copy Warning Paper - Security paper more info
Coupon Security Paper (500 Sheets)
Coupon Security Paper (500 Sheets)
Our Price: $76.00

Do you issue discount and dollar-off coupons to encourage new or repeat business?  If this marketing effort turns into a counterfeiting opportunity for the recipient of this campaign, protect yourself against multiple redemptions of that original offer. more info
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